Posted by: laurdsed | June 15, 2012

Strawberry picking 2012

The boys and I went strawberry picking twice this week. We picked a total of 34 pounds of berries! Ian did a large portion of the work. He did so well, I might hire him out. 😉

Today, I taught them how to make jam. I mostly just gave instructions and they did the work. Nice job boys! 12 pints of strawberry freezer jam ready before lunch.

Ian working hard!

Big strawberry! Fantastic flavor.

The fruits of their labor on Friday.

Making freezer jam. Ian measuring sugar. Alex crushing berries. Erik adding the pectin to the sugar. So easy, even a kid can do it (if they can follow directions).

Ladling the hot jam into jars. The jars will sit for 24 hours, then go into the freezer – nostalgia for summer in the middle of winter.


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