Posted by: laurdsed | May 7, 2011

Kitchen and living room demolition

During one of the longest weekends I can remember, March 25-28, we demo-ed everything out of the kitchen and living room.  When I say everything, I mean everything but the stud walls and ceiling joists were left.  We had a large crew of extremely hard working friends.  Dean, Bob, James, Kathleen, Jen, Ben, Nate, Joe, Karen, Duane, Don, Andre & Jim – we couldn’t have done this without you!  Another thanks, of course, goes to my mom and dad who cared for the boys all weekend.  I can’t imagine parenting on top of managing all this.  The boys loved going to Legoland in Chicago.  Brave souls, my parents are, going to that place on a Saturday.

We had a very tight deadline since the drywallers were arriving on the following Tuesday that week.  Prep work and moving the kitchen to the laundry room began on the Wednesday before.  Of course, Chris’s meticulous planning had been going on for months ahead of time.  His attention to detail and constant direction in keeping all folks busy had a huge role in the success of keeping on schedule for the weekend.  What an outstanding project manager he is!

Stay tuned for more.  The kitchen is now almost completed!


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