Posted by: laurdsed | April 26, 2011

Kitchen remodel Spring 2011

Old kitchen - Just before demolition. All the doors are off the cupboards.

Laundry room kitchen - This is our temporary kitchen set up in the basement laundry room.

Chris and I have been wanting to remodel our kitchen ever since we bought this house in 2000.  I’m sure many of you know how it goes, though.  Having the time and money (and having 3 kids besides) made for a long delay.  Eleven years later we’re finally pulling the trigger after having an “it’s now or never” discussion last fall.  Actually, we decided to do this 2 years ago after half-heartedly looking at other houses in the neighborhood and realizing that investing in our current house was a better option.  Then, India got in the way.  So, now here we are.  Stay tuned for more pictures and updates!



  1. Wow, looks like my kitchen (except mine still has those old junky doors on it). >.< We moved into this house in 2003. Finally got my new front door I've always wanted this year!! Hope you all are doing well. Can't wait to see the new photos! ~Erica

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