Posted by: laurdsed | May 13, 2010

Things I’m going to miss about India

It’s been a rollercoaster ride of a trip to India.  While we can’t wait to come back, I can’t help but think that there are things about India that we’ll certainly miss.

  • Vibrant colors everywhere.  People certainly are not inhibited to display a large array of color.  This is a constant feast for the eyes in comparison to the more subdued colors in the area we live in.
  • Afternoon siestas…it’s too hot to do anything else.
  • Sigh…year ’round fresh fruits and vegetables only a block away.  Thankfully, we’ll be returning just before our CSA begins!
  • Manners…I’m certainly going to miss good old-fashioned manners.  People here are extremely polite and courteous.
  • A kitchen with 12 feet of counter space.  I won’t miss the height of the counter, though.
  • All the quality time our family has been spending together.
  • Exploring with the boys and watching their wonder.
  • The slow pace of life.  Watching the world go by and noticing the minute details.  We’ve been living a very simple, uncomplicated life.  No multiple schedules to juggle.  No commitments.  Living with very little “stuff” to clean, repair and maintain.
  • Chris and I taking better care of ourselves.  We’re eating better, cutting out more sugar and meat, and exercising almost daily.  Trends that I hope will gain momentum.  On the flip side, I think the boys had a healthier lifestyle at home than here, part of the consequence of figuring out a new normal in a foreign culture and attempting to eat home-style in an area with not great resources to do so.
  • Reading a daily newspaper containing news without a corporate slant!  What a concept – a newspaper that actually has news in it.  The investigative, worldly articles that US newspapers say readers aren’t interested in anymore, I’m just eating those up here.  I love it when I read about some kind of uncovered truth, which -shocker- is a daily thing in the India Times or Ahmedabad Mirror.
  • Open-air showers.  At first, it was a little freaky.  Now, I enjoy watching the birds in the flowering trees.  Quite esthetically pleasing while washing away worries.
  • 220 volt AC electricity.  Those small appliances sure do pack an extra punch with that kind of charge!  Hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself.
  • A friend commented about how she’s drowning in paperwork at home.  This reminded me that we’ve been blissfully paper-free for 4 months now.  We rarely get any mail.  When we do, it’s a joyful occasion.  We’re so happy to hear from family and friends.  However, I’m not looking forward to the drudgery of wading through junk mail again, especially 4 months worth.
  • As hard as it was to connect with folks here due to miscommunication and cultural disparity, we did make friends here who we will miss.  It’s hard to leave when you aren’t sure you’ll ever see someone again.  So, for those people who made my life better while staying here, Thank You to Gemar, Shailesh, Raj, Reasa, Ben, Lisa, and many more whom I wish I had time to know better.

I’m sure that we’ll discover more things that we miss about our stay in India as time passes by.  If you will be waiting for a post about what things we won’t miss about India, don’t bother.  That list is too long.  😉


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